Contract Manufacturing

At Maple Tree, we are contract manufacturers. We work with you from concept through design, or as a technology transfer to our manufacturing facilities. We manufacture, inspect and export your goods per your specifications and inspection standards. Your designs, your products, your standards; at a China price.

We work with a wide range of materials and processes including:

  • foam, mesh, velcro, sewing and bar tacking;
  • plastics, including injection moulding and sheets;
  • alloys, steel and stainless steel , welding, laser cutting, CNC machining;
  • surface treatment including zinc plating and powder coating

We offer a highly customisable assembly capability including detailed inspection at all stages to ensure the quality expectations required by the medical and oil and gas industries.

We provide inspection transparency to help you understand our manufacturing processes and results as well as to enable product improvment and cost reduction.

In general, our products and customers are characterised by

  • low to medium quantity batch sizes
  • high quality with extensive inspection
  • custom assembly, inspection, traceability
  • high material mix- wide range of materials 

Our engineers will work with your design team to perform localization of designs and components to achieve optimal cost, lead-time and quality.  Together with our specialized external suppliers, we will offer you the best benefits of China cost and scalability - while ensuring constant quality and supply and enforcing protection of your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Inspection: "you get what you inspect, not what you expect", we have a team of full-time, experienced, in-house engineers and inspectors who inspect all incoming, in-process and outbound activities; highly customisable inspection plans

Quality: Maple Tree’s team of suppliers are known for their specialized skills and use of the latest manufacturing equipment. Many of these suppliers also provide for other high quality global brands such as BMW, Haier and Toyota.  Furthermore, we implement rigorous QC  processes to ensure quality of our products.

Product costs: We leverage China vast labor resource and skills, and huge manufacturing capacity to provide you with the best product cost structure, while still enabling small order sizes.

IPR Protection:  With us, your IP is fully protected with a secure Linux server system, encrypted data, and design information provided on a partial basis and only a need to know basis.