Maple Tree Global - Your Medical Manufacturing Partner

Maple Tree Global provides Class I components and assemblies for the medical industry.  Through our facilities in Asia we are able to offer Asian prices. Our certifications, management, personnel and processes are Western focused and our products meet Western quality expectations and standards.

We are contract manufacturers- our team manufactures your products to your specifications, testing to your standards. Our in-house team of inspection engineers and specialists ensure all products meet your expectations every time.

We also work with a range of specialised companies such as laboratories and sterile irradiators.

We have been manufacturing for the medical industry for over a decade and are used to typical medical practices such as ISO 13485 design practices, supply chain record keeping and traceability.

We use a wide range of foam, including laminated foams, in a wide range of densities, shapes and requirements. We also use custom or off-the-shelf injected parts, hook and loop, webbing and other materials to meet your requirements..

Some of Maple Tree's products are FDA registered while many do not require registration. We comply with HIBC and GS1 labelling.

Proven Track Record

Maple Tree established its first Chinese company in 2002, and been growing and continuously improving. The Chinese facility is certified to ISO 9001 by DSV. We have a proven track record of supplying fully qualified goods to our customers, on time. Whether it be batches of 90 or 35,000 per shipment- Maple Tree delivers.

Maple Tree also respects the complexities of managing intellectual property rights (IPR) in an international environment and has developed practices that helps protect IPR within our China environment.

Our customer vary from Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 to smaller customers. Orders vary from a thousand pieces to over one hundred thousand; we can scale with your requirements.

Customer Feedback

"Maple Tree  ... a better company due to the attention to detail they have in order to ensure the proper goods are delivered.  Our initial specifications were not detailed enough to accomplish this goal.  Maple Tree helped us increase both the understanding and the documentation of our specifications."

"In the end, Maple Tree delivered exactly what we needed and within the timeframe of when we needed it.  We were successful with increasing our capacity while at the same time we realised significant cost savings.  Communications along the way with Maple Tree was as good as I have experienced in my career."  (VP Manufacturing)

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