Energy & Industrial

Maple Tree provides contract manufactured products for the Energy and Industrial sectors.


Maple Tree has been involved in energy sector for over a decade, including both petroleum and solar.

For the petroleum industry we manufacture a range of metal work, typically used in very demanding environments and requiring extra attention to quality. These products are typically subjected to CMM inspection as well as metalurgical analyses. These products are cast, forged and precision machined using specialised ASTM alloys for superior mechanical characteristics.

For the solar industry we manufacture a range of electronic systems for the measurement and control of electricity within solar installations. These products require the purchase and inspection of the electronic components, PCBA (printed circuit board assembly), optical inspection, in circuit testing as well as cable assemblies.


Maple Tree's first manufacturing was in the industrial sector- manufacturing access control systems comprising electromechanical assemblies of motors, electric clutches, control system and large metal barriers.  We utilise a wide range of technologies from laser cutting, casting, welding and corrosion protection. We also manufacture fully electronic products in injected plastic enclosures.

Western Quality at a Chinese Price

Maple Tree sources components and raw materials mainly from China, but also from around the world, to provide the best cost structure. Goods are thoroughly inspected and qualified upon receipt and after every step.